Matthew Benedict
  • Dutch Dude
    New World
  • New York
  • Crew of the S.S. Glencairn
  • Jason
    Study for
  • Beached Finback
    Razorfish Gang at Central Wharf, 1912
  • Saint Bridget's School
  • Portrait of the Artist
  • "Silent" Still Life
    The House of the Seven Gables
  • The Knives (Six of Swords, The Lord of Earned Success)
  • Head of John Mayo
    Portrait of the Artist (detail)
  • Untitled (green man)
    Where Tom Died
  • Lost at Sea (Captain Benjamin Spooner Briggs, Master of the Mary-Celeste)
  • Wheatfield Near Giverny
    Doughboys Returning from France
  • Ghost
    Blessed Be
  • Grey Skies, Normandy
    Étretat July '11
  • Officer Fellows Memorial
  • The Gypsy
    Wrecked Schooner
  • Moon and Tides (The Eternal Subject)
    Dusk at the Church of the Scarab
  • Moist Towelette with Pegasus and Star
    Stranded Brig
  • Mistletoe and Gargoyle
    Study for 'Shaving' (NASA)
  • As Above, So Below
    The Terrible Old Man
  • Ghost (Happy New Year. Normandy, 1914)
    Shipwrecked Crew of the Whaler "Wanderer" at Cuttyhunk Island, 1924
  • Gargoyle and Mistletoe (Notre Dame Collegiale, Vernon France)
    Land's End
  • Shipwreck Annie
  • Davy Jones
    Fortune Teller