Willie Doherty
  • Future Fear I
    Future Fear II
  • Future Fear III
    Future Fear IV
  • Future Fear V
    Future Fear VI
  • Damage I
    Damage II
  • Damage III
    Damage V
  • Damage VI
    Damage X
  • OUT OF BODY (II), haunted
    OUT OF BODY (III), decomposed
  • OUT OF BODY (IX), submerged
    OUT OF BODY (VIII), oblivion
  • At the Verge
    Remote Control
  • Protecting/Invading
    Last Bastion
  • Fixed Parameter
  • NON-SPECIFIC THREAT III (Intolerable Devotion)
    NON-SPECIFIC THREAT VI (Unforgiving Ruthlessness)
  • Mended Fence, Belfast
    Smashed Heads, Belfast
  • Three Potential Endings
    At the Border III (Trying to Forget the Past)
  • Passage (still)
    Passage (still)
  • Passage
    Passage (still)