Willie Doherty
  • Between (Where the Roads Between Derry and Donegal Cross The Border)
    At The Border, Neutral Zone (Don't Look Back) Fabens, Texas
  • Dreams of Renewal, Dreams of Annihilation
    Adrift I
  • Loose Ends I
    Adrift II
  • Loose Ends II
    Adrift III
  • Home (waiting)
    Future Fear I
  • Future Fear V
    Damage III
  • Damage V
    Without Trace (Displaced)
  • Without Trace (Forgotten)
    Without Trace (Into Thin Air)
  • Disturbance
    Dead Pool II
  • Seepage
    OUT OF BODY (III), decomposed
  • OUT OF BODY (IX), submerged
    Footbridge, The Westlink, Belfast
  • Franklin Street Place, Belfast
    Smashed Heads, Belfast
  • Show of Strength IV
    Local Solution, Belfast
  • Local Solution III
    Local Solution IV
  • Mended Fence, Belfast
    NON-SPECIFIC THREAT III (Intolerable Devotion)
  • Unknown Female Subject (iii)
    NON-SPECIFIC THREAT VI (Unforgiving Ruthlessness)
  • Unknown Male Subject (ii)
    RETRACES (v)
  • Last Occupant
    RETRACES (iv)
  • Dark Stains
    Minor Incident III
  • At the Border III (Trying to Forget the Past)
  • Abandoned Vehicle II
    Factory II
  • Abandoned Vehicle
    Last Bastion
  • At the Verge
    Double Vision
  • Native Disorders II
  • The Westlink, Belfast
  • Donegall Lane, Belfast
    No Return
  • Loose ends
  • Passage