Robert Bordo: Another Day


Information: Robert Bordo: Another Day, Sep  6 - Oct 22, 2005

Robert Bordo: Another Day
Sep 6 – Oct 22, 2005

Robert Bordo’s exhibition, Another Day, will open on September 6th at Alexander and Bonin. The imagery of his new paintings hovers between abstraction and landscape utilizing the particulars of time, place and weather. Known for his transformations of pre-existing two-dimensional models such as maps, charts, envelopes and postcards, Bordo continues to explore the line between subject and abstraction.

Bordo’s new color paintings offer abstract pictorial elements of brushstroke and staggered line to describe the ruminative quality of experience. Interior logic pervades these naturalistic paintings where light, atmosphere and narrative meet. Meandering dots and dashes refer to weather or wandering; rippled surfaces are interchangeably water, sky or ground—all locations where everyday images, thoughts and emotion run together.

Pictorial metaphors lead one into naturalistic spaces and the ambiguity of experience. In lazy game white dots, countered by black ones, move like water bugs across a shallow surface. suite evokes desert topography; a mirage created by a shifting underneath. While the red scrabble undertones of prickly pear suggest a mowed lawn or a stubbly five o’clock shadow, the title posits a tender interior.

Robert Bordo was born in Montreal and has lived and worked in New York since 1972. His first New York solo exhibition was held at Brooke Alexander in 1987. He has also exhibited with Galerie René Blouin, Montreal and Mira Godard, Toronto. His paintings were most recently seen in Incorrigible, Sentimental curated by Merlin James (Kerlin Gallery, Dublin) and Mirage curated by Julie Ault and Martin Beck (Alexander and Bonin). He is a professor at the Cooper Union School of Art.