Eugenio Dittborn, Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum and Doris Salcedo


Information: Eugenio Dittborn, Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum and Doris Salcedo, Jan 10 - Feb 28, 1998

Eugenio Dittborn, Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum and Doris Salcedo
Jan 10 – Feb 28, 1998

During January and February, Alexander and Bonin will exhibit a major work by each of four gallery artists: Eugenio Dittborn, Willie Doherty, Mona Hatoum and Doris Salcedo.

Eugenio Dittborn lives and works in Santiago, Chile. He will exhibit a four-panel Airmail Painting, The 16th History of the Human Face (To Beseige). In this work Dittborn juxtaposes various depictions of the face such as anthropological photographs, mug shots, drawings by children and drawings by schizophrenic patients. These diverse renderings are unified through silkscreen printed on unwoven (felt-like) material. A large exhibition of his Airmail Paintings from 1984 to the present will open at the Museo Bellas Artes in Santiago on March 12th.

Willie Doherty's photographs and video projections have presented images from his native Derry since 1985. In this group exhibition he will exhibit a new diptych -- two images of the same subject -- one taken from a video projection and one photographed directly. Doherty has consistently presented images which have various possible interpretations. By presenting the same through different filters he raises the question of how meaning is changed by the method of representation. Three recent photographs Abandoned Interior I, II and III will remain on view in P.S.1's reopening exhibition until June 1998.

Mona Hatoum is the current subject of an extensive survey exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art. At Alexander and Bonin she will show a major carpet sculpture, Marbles Carpet (1995). A large expanse of glass marbles held in place by nearly invisible filament produces a work both alluring in its beauty and treachorous in its instability. In the New Museum show, through February 22nd, the Entrails Carpet and the Pin Carpet are on view along with 36 other works from 1983 to the present. 

Doris Salcedo lives and works in Bogota, Colombia and has, since 1986, made sculpture and installations whose subject is the prevalence of violence. Salcedo's highly evocative and poetic works often startle the viewer with their unusual materials and processes. An exhibition of new work by Salcedo will be on view at the New Museum from March 20 - May 31, 1998.